New Case Study from Lavi Industries Highlights Passenger Experience Improvements at DFW Airport

Lavi Industries’ Queue Management Technologies and Solutions are Employed Throughout DFW Airport to Enhance the Passenger Experience

Valencia, California – Lavi Industries, a leader in crowd control and queue management solution, annWith our solutions DFW is able to continue to meet and surpass the expectations of today's passengers.ounces a new case study detailing its successful partnership with Dallas-Fort Worth Airport (DFW). Solutions from Lavi are utilized throughout DFW to positively impact the passenger experience by reducing passenger stress at security checkpoints, better managing wait times in airport queues, and optimizing agent productivity. A new facility maintenance solution is also using Lavi’s powerful technologies to optimize and improve restroom cleanliness at the airport and line management systems.

DFW is recognized as the ninth-busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic, serving approximately 174,000 passengers daily. The airport is challenged to manage the flow of a large volume of passengers while contending with ever-increasing competition among airports for passenger loyalty. At the same time, DFW is committed to creating “the airport of the future”. Lavi has successfully offered products and technologies to address each of these goals.

At security checkpoints, Qtrac iQ intelligent queue management system and digital signage from Lavi Industries helps avoid surprises in the queue while keeping passenger expectations in check. Qtrac iQ and Lavi’s QtracCF call-forwarding system are employed at Customs and Border Patrol to help DFW monitor queues and improve agent productivity. Airport-wide, magnetic bases, rigid rails, and tall posts from Lavi help manage queues and project a clean and modern look. Finally, Lavi’s new intelligent maintenance system, Qtrac iM, helps the facility maintenance team at DFW maintain restroom cleanliness and optimize resource utilization.

“We strive to be a valued partner, providing expertise, technology, and products that extend across the passenger journey,” remarks Yonatan Lavi, Product Director at Lavi Industries. “With our solutions, DFW is able to continue to meet and surpass the expectations of today’s passengers,” he says.

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